CDNF, human recombinant


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Name CDNF, human recombinant 
Synonyms Cerebral dopamine neurotrophic factor – CDNF; ARMETL1
Uniprot ID Q49AH0
Source Human
MW Approximately 18.5 kDa, a single non-glycosylated polypeptide chain containing 163 amino acids
Host CHO-based cell line (expressed by QMCF Technology)
Purification Purified by ion-exchange chromatography and gel-filtration from serum-free CHO growth media. Protein is sterile-filtrated through 0.22 µm filter
Purity >90%
Concentration 1 mg/ml Concentration of the protein is determined by BCA Protein Analysis kit (Pierce). BSA was used as a standard
Buffer PBS pH 7.4
Endotoxine Less than 1EU/mg of protein as determined by LAL method
Bioproperties Protein is biologically active. Suitable for cell culture and in vivo testing. Biological activity of human CDNF was tested in rat 6-OHDA model of Parkinson’s disease and shown to be both neuroprotective and neurorestorative (for methods see: Lindholm et al. 2007; Voutilainen et al. 2011)
QC SDS-PAGE and Western-Blot analysis (Figure 1 and 2, respectively).
Mass-spectroscopy: Purified human CDNF is characterized as homogenous material by mass-spectroscopy
Background CDNF is a trophic factor for midbrain dopamine neurons in vivo. It prevents the 6-OHDA- (Lindholm et al. 20007; Voutilainen et al., 2011) and MPTP-induced degeneration (Airavaara et al., 2012) of dopamine neurons in rodent models of Parkinson’s disease. When administered after 6-OHDA or MPTP –lesioning it restores the dopaminergic function and prevents degeneration of dopamine neurons in substantia nigra pars compacta
Shipping Shipped on dry ice
Storage Store at -70°C upon receipt. Recommended to aliquot into smaller quantities. Avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles
Related Products Polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies against human CDNF. For more information please visit:, human neural growth factors. For more information please visit:
References Bäck, S et al. 2013. Gene therapy with AAV2-CDNF provides functional benefits in a rat model of Parkinson's disease. Brain and Behavior 3(2): 75-88
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Figure 1. SDS-PAGE analysis of human CDNF visualized by PageBlue protein staining solution (Fermentas). Line 1. 4 µg of CDNF; Line 2. Protein size marker (PageRuler Prestained protein ladder, Fermentas)

Figure 2. Western Blot testing of human CDNF using anti-CDNF polyclonal antibody (Icosagen AS Cat. No 300-100). Line 1. PageRuler Prestained Protein Ladder (#SM0671 Fermentas); Line 2. Recombinant CDNF expressed into the supernatant of CHO cell culture medium