RNase 7

Human RNase 7 ELISA kit

Catalogue # K4-001-096

Kit description:
  • High sensitivity: Limit of detection 1-4 pg/ml
  • Can be used to detect very small quantities of hRNase 7 starting from 10 pg/mL 
  • Assay range 10 – 640 pg/mL
  • High affinity of the RNase 7 antibodies (antibodies raised against full-length recombinant canonical form of hRNase 7)
  • The entire test procedure can be performed at room temperature (no 37°C incubator required)
  •  Less steps (no avidin-biotin system – the enzyme conjugate binds directly to the target antigen )
  • Short testing time (2.5 h)
RNase 7 ELISA kit as PDF.

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