Mouse monoclonal antibody to Bovine Papillomavirus type 1E2-protein


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Name Mouse monoclonal antibody to Bovine Papillomavirus type 1
Immunogen BPV type 1 E2
Immunogen Description Recombinant full length BPV type 1 E2 protein purified from E. coli
Uniprot ID P03122
Clonality Mouse monoclonal
Clone 3H5
Class IgG
Reactivity Bovine, BPV type 1 E2 protein, mapped to amino acids 310-410
Application ELISA, IF

ELISA - 0.1 to 0.2 µg/ml; IF 0.5 to 20 µg/ml

This is a conformational antibody and does not work in WB or other denaturative conditions.

This antibody blocks E1-E2 dependent replication origin complex formation, dissociates protein/DNA complex and therefore inhibits viral replication.

Monoclonal antibody working titer has to be established practically for each particular antigen and assay format.
Purification Protein A purification
Buffer PBS with 50% glycerol
Unit Size 100 µg
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Shipping This product is shipped in non-frozen liquid form in ambient conditions
Storage Store at – 20 or -70 °C upon receipt. Divide antibody into aliquots prior usage. Avoid multiple freeze-thaw cycles as product degradation may result.
Background E2 protein plays a central role in the viral life cycle as it regulates both transcription and replication of the viral genome. Can either activate or repress transcription. The E1-E2 protein complex binds to the origin of DNA replication activating replication of the BPV

Kurg R, Parik J, Juronen E, Sedman T, Abroi A, Liiv I, Langel Ü, and Ustav M. 1999. Effect of bovine papillomavirus E2 protein-specific monoclonal antibodies on papillomavirus DNA replication, J Virol. 73: 4670-77.

Kurg R, Tekkel H, Abroi A, and Ustav M. 2006. Characterization of the functional activities of the bovine papillomavirus type 1 E2 protein single-chain heterodimers, J Virol. 80(22): 11218-25

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Figure 1. Immunofluorescence testing of anti-BPV E2 monoclonal antibody (3H5). Assay was carried out with U2OS cells expressing BPV E2 protein. Antibody concentration of 0.5 µg/ml was used. Nuclei were stained by DAPI. Fluorescence was measured at (A) 460 nm and 488 nm wavelengths or (B) 488 nm only.