Reagent 007 

for transfection of CHO cells

Having trouble transfecting your CHO cells? Our novel peptide-based transfection Reagent 007 delivers nucleic acids into variety of mammalian as well as insect cells in serum-free conditions.


  • non-lipid formula
  • universal delivery of diverse nucleic acids
  • high efficiency (70-90%) and very low toxicity gives a good cell recovery after transfection
  • convenient and rapid procedure (complex forming in just 5 minutes!)
  • very suitable for VLP production
  • transfects different cell types: CHO, HEK 293, DT40, Sf9
  • stable for at least 6 months at +4°C
  • now with new improved protocol for CHO cells

Our transfection reagent comes in three different sizes. For custom packaging please contact us!

R007-0750 - Reagent 007 0.75 mL - 200€
R007-1500 - Reagent 007 1.5 mL - 350€
R007-5000 - Reagent 007 5.0 mL - 1000€

We are happy to offer you a 15% discount from your first purchase!
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