Our team

Lauri Peil

Key Account and Technology Officer

Oliver Schub

Senior Director of Business Development

Eveliis Koppel

Product Manager

Krista Vadi

Sales Project Manager

Eva-Maria Tombak

Head of Cell Line Development Laboratory

Joachim Mattias Gerhold

Head of the Immunological Development Laboratory

Nele Tamberg

Head of the Analytics Laboratory

Kaja Kiiver

Senior Production Project Manager

Katrin Ruisu

Production Project Manager

Riin Kont

Production Project Manager

Kärt Padari

Production Project Manager

Kärt Ukkivi

Production Project Manager

Kadri Peil

Production Project Manager

Raini Pert


Maia-Liisa Voolaid

Catalogue Products Sales and Marketing Specialist

Tiiu Männik

Manager of Production Core Laboratory

Ly Puhm

Manager of Purification Core Laboratory

Anneli Plink

Manager of Construction Laboratory

Kaarin Savvi


Kati Plaan

Chief Purchasing and Logistics Specialist

Karl Mumm

Marketing  Manager

Lisett Liblekas

Marketing Specialist

Kristiina Leok

Sales Project Assistant

Heilika Leinus

Product Manager

Luka Bulatovic

Product Manager

Liis Liivak

Microbiology Receptionist/Data Entry Assistant

Kristiina Vind

Production Project Manager

Mari-Liis Kõiv

Purchasing and Logistics Assistant

Carolin Karro

Sales Project Specialist

Monika Ojarand

Data Entry Assistant

Kiira Kildemann

Production Project Manager